Chaim Parchi

CHAIM PARCHI – Artist and Musician

Date and place of birth: September 15, 1947 Yemen

Training: Self-taught.

His formal education is in Music, Music Teacher Institute in Israel, and Boston University.

Medium: Watercolor, pen and ink and Acrylic
Career: He is a consummate artist: a composer, artist, educator, and performer.

In the summer of 1979, Chaim brought his family to the Boston, Massachusetts area to continue his graduate studies at Boston University. He became the Music Director of the Solomon Schechter Day School and began performing and recording Israeli and ethnic Jewish music for the public. Chaim relocated to Boca Raton, Florida, in 1995, and taught music and art at Broward Jewish High School, B’nai Torah High School, and Hillel Community Day School. He exhibited his artwork at various galleries and art shows in the Boston area and South Florida.

Style and Technique: Coming from a family of Hebrew scribes, Chaim began to use his innate talent of Hebrew calligraphy along with a primitive, naive art style that enveloped a heavy emphasis of Jewish subject matter. Along with his Judaic art, a secular art style developed in the modern and contemporary form. Chaim merges fantasy with reality to create a unique style. Chaim developed his own technique of painting using acrylic watercolors, pen and ink, an unusual method that simulates an airbrushing.

He has been strongly influenced by family artisans, a love for Israel, and the history of the Jewish people. His music and art is a reflection of his deep passion for Judaism. Chaim is a multitalented man with a God-given gift for music and art.